Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete patios are the forefront of today’s technology.
From a cobblestone driveway to a flagstone patio, the look of patterned concrete imitates any look perfectly as well as bears the permanent durability of concrete.

The stamped concrete patio is the perfect place to entertain, cook and relax. J.K. Schwartz, Inc. realizes that your investment is expensive. We provide a stamped concrete sealing services that will enhance the beauty and integrity of your stamped concrete patio. We can also add color to warn out surfaces by using an antiquing process. This process will enhance the color and texture of the concrete.

We provide service to Buffalo, Amherst, Hamburg, East Amherst, Lancaster, Clearance, Cheektowaga, Lakeview, Depew

Buffalo weather can leave concrete driveways looking severely weathered. UV rays, water absorption, salt and even oil can destroy the texture and beauty in just one season.

ChemMasters concrete products are a high solid, high performance concrete curing and sealing compound. The state of the art proprietary formulation completely resists discoloration from ultraviolet light exposure, creating a glossy membrane which remains clear throughout its service life. ChemMasters will retard efflorescence while resisting oil, grease, food stains and will eliminates concrete dusting, while protecting concrete against salt and water penetration. Minimizes spalling due to freeze-thaw cycle exposure, hair line checking, premature cracking and other defects which result from improperly cured concrete.

All ChemMaster products that we use are in V.O.C (volatile organic compound) compliant with the EPA.

Sealing stone pavers is a must! It gives your stone pavers a fresh clean look while maintaining its rich color and the wet look. Sealing stone pavers promotes durability and promotes a greater longevity. Sealant repels moisture thereby reducing water damage and the loss of sand dust in the joints. Sealed stone is better able to withstand harsh weather conditions and reduce the harmful effects of snow and ice.

Applying a transparent concrete sealer to an exposed aggregate surface can improve both its performance and appearance by helping to protect against spalling, dusting, efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, stains, deicing salts and abrasion. Our sealers will enhance the color of the aggregate, accentuating its depth and richness.

It’s non-yellowing and UV resistant. It provides a high gloss wet look that deepens and enriches the color of the aggregate. It will also repel oil, grease, water and stains.