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A Letter from the Owner

The most “Frequently Asked Question” that I get the most from potential customers is: “How often should I have my deck/fence stained or sealed?”. Well, my answer is quite simple.

First of all, YOU SHOULD NOT NEED A COMPLETE DECK RESTORATION EVERY TWO YEARS! That is ridiculous! The contractors who tell you this lacks the knowledge and experience necessary for deck restoration. Can you imagine paying that expense every two years? Some companies would like for you to have your deck or fence re-stained every two years, its more money in their pocket. If your deck is peeling or chipping after one or two years then who ever stained your deck last is using an inferior stain and they failed to sand the deck as a part of the preparation work.

If your deck is properly restored and properly maintained, you should never have to have a complete deck restoration again. The whole purpose of deck restoration is to restore the deck to its original look or as close to its original look as possible and then maintain it from there. Its no different than lawn care. Every spring I hire a reputable lawn company to weed and feed my lawn as part of maintaining my yard, I particularly like Funk. Deck restoration is no different. Don’t let these companies talk you into paying hundreds of dollars for something you don’t need. Call me and I will gladly come out to your home and explain to you exactly what you need.