Fences… We see them every day. We drive by them, pass through them, and some of us even peek over them.

(Ok, maybe not the peeking part!!) Even though fences are the norm, we don’t think about them until its time to replace them. Unfortunately, then we’re hit with the sticker shock. Fences are expensive!

Today’s wood comes from younger stock than it did 20 years ago. And younger growth timber has lower amounts of natural protectant. Pressure treated wood products are manufactured by forcing preservative solutions into the wood cells using vacuum/pressure and the thermal process. This has proven to be an effective wood treatment against natural wood degradation agents such as fungi, insects and moisture.

However, this treatment doesn’t last forever. Over time it breaks down and as a result, it leaves your fence unprotected. It’s extremely important to maintain your fence using a high quality preservative and stain. J.K. Schwartz realizes that your fence is a considerable investment and we want to help you maintain that investment and keep it looking its best. J.K. Schwartz can preserve your fence to appear brand new. This is done by using the highest quality products and additives.

At sometime, all fences will need some sort of repair. The post will rot out or the slats will break off due to wind damage. J.K. Schwartz provides a complete fence repair. We will install new pressure treated post, replace slats or entire sections if need be.