Don’t be fooled by this claim. Soft washing systems are made up of solution tanks that hold mildew-cides, algae-cides and soaps. Power washers deliver the same thing. The only differents is the power washer delivers mildew-cides, algae-cides and detergents through a chemical injector system; the same chemicals used in soft washing systems. This is done with low pressure and less water. There is no brute force to your siding like some companies claim. Our cleaners do the work. We elect to use soft bristle brushes as well to insure that all tree sap, stains, mold and other dirt is completely removed. Scrubbing the siding is the only way to insure a clean surface.

Not true at all. Only contractors that use inferior cleaners have to depend on high pressure to do the job. High pressure can do a lot of damage to your home. It can crack the siding; it can tear it away from the house as well. Using too much pressure on your deck can destroy it in seconds by causing divots and tearing of the wood.

Maybe, but not always true. Here are some points to consider: The price you see advertised may not be the price you actually pay. Many homeowners have learned that the low price they saw advertised lasted only until the contractor did the estimate. Then they were pressured into paying a lot more for a variety of add-ons. Some contractor’s market strategy is to obtain the job by being the lowest bidder. However, the contractor will usually have to cut corners to turn a profit. Due to low start up costs, many contractors come and go. When first starting up, a lot of companies do not educate themselves, because power washing and staining looks easy and profitable. So, they lack the right equipment, cleaners, insurance, knowledge, professionalism and normally will charge an extremely low price.

It would be easier if this was true, but it’s not. Honest reputable power washing companies will never give a cleaning estimate over the phone. Most companies charge by the square foot or linear foot. But there are too many variables that can change the price from one home to another. For instance, different types of terrain or landscaping can affect the price. What type of wood is on your deck? Has it ever been sealed? Maybe your house is not very dirty and could be done for less than a dirty house the same size. The good news is, once an estimate is given by a quality contractor, you know that’s the price you will pay. No last minute surprises.

Any reputable company, with a good customer base, should have references. If their clients are not saying good things about them, how can you expect good results?

Why should you have to pay for a job that you are not satisfied with? Not all power washing companies offer a guarantee. If they do, the guarantee may be limited. Make sure you get a written guarantee and have them write it on the estimate sheet.

These companies are usually not insured and they usually will not return to your home if you find a problem with the job they performed. They usually will not return your calls either. These companies will usually hire off the book workers that are out to make a quick buck. Instead, ask the owner if he is a full time company. Often, these companies will be in business for a short time. These are the sure fly-by nights.

You are proud of your home because it’s a reflection of you and your family, not to mention it’s a large investment. Having your home and other parts of your property cleaned on a regular basis is the easiest way to maintain its beauty and value. Dirt, mold and mildew will not only damage your image but it can cause costly repairs, renovations or replacements. By doing a little research you can hire a professional power washing company, and be sure you are getting a damage free, quality cleaning, that increases curb appeal and protects your investment.

Step # 1: Make a commitment to yourself to get your home or property cleaned. The longer it remains dirty, the more damage is being done to your image and your investment.

Step # 2: List your objectives. Do you want a real simple wash, something you can do yourself with a rented machine, or do you want a complete, quality job. Do you want to work with an honest, reputable company, or are you willing to risk working with the company that offers the lowest price, even knowing that they may not be in business tomorrow?

Step # 3: Ask the correct questions. The way you learn about a contractor is to ask specific questions and listen carefully to his answers. Here are some basic questions to ask a contractor before you decide to hire him.

  1. What is your cleaning process?
  2. What type of cleaning equipment do you use?
  3. How much pressure do you use on the siding or deck?
  4. How often should I have my house or deck cleaned?
  5. Do you have any before and after pictures that I can see?
  6. Do you have any references?
  7. Are insured in case you get hurt or in case you damage my property?
  8. Can you provide me with insurance certificates for workers compensation and general liability?
  9. Are you accredited with the Better Business Bureau?

Step # 4: Once you are satisfied that you are working with qualified professional, ask him to provide you with a free estimate that outlines exactly what you propose to do and the cost of the work so their are no surprises.