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Power Washing

While power washing your home is very cost efficient, it is also important that you understand the correct methods in power washing your home’s exterior and why it is better left to a professional cleaning contractor.

You can certainly attempt to power wash your home yourself, but if you do not have the proper equipment, know which cleaning products are right for the job, or know how to safely operate a power washer without causing damage to your home, it may be in your best interest to hire an insured cleaning contractor instead.

Although labor intensive, power washing your home’s exterior is not always difficult. However, if done incorrectly it can certainly cost more than what you initially tried to save by doing it yourself. This also applies to hiring someone to do the work that is not qualified.

Just because someone owns a power washer doesn’t mean they are a trained professional. It is important for you to hire a power  washing contractor that is punctual, is able to thoroughly explain their methods, can show you pictures of work that they have completed and has documented referrals to back up their claims of being the best. This assures that your home will be power washed correctly and without damage while providing beautiful results.

Houses that have been soiled by tree sap, animal feces, mold, and road dirt can destroy the beauty of any home. Using soft bristle brushes, mild detergents and special cleaners, we scrub the entire house including porches, eves and doors. Following the scrubbing process, we power  wash the house using low pressure to eliminate all debris. Please do not be fooled by some companies who claim that power washers are dangerous if used on vinyl siding. Power washing vinyl siding is completely SAFE if you are experienced and have knowledge of vinyl siding.

Low pressure is safe for window seals and it won’t blow the siding off your house. The use of soft washing systems DOES NOT WORK, this is a selling gimmick! High pressure may crack vinyl siding and high water volume methods are get rich quick schemes that also do not work, and chemicals destroy the integrity of the siding. There is no such thing as waxing a house. This is a selling gimmick as well. Waxing a house is nothing more than a wax product that is added to the cleaning agent. It is not the same as waxing a car.

In order to reach high peaks of houses, you must use a soft bristle brush and ladders. Pressure alone from power washers does not effectively reach high peaks. Vinyl siding needs to be scrubbed with soft bristle brushes, mild detergents, special cleaners and low pressure. There is no other way to properly clean vinyl siding. We guarantee it.

Power Washers vs Soft Washing Systems

All power washers are equipped with a pump that allows for pressure to flow through a nozzle or a tip which creates a restriction. These pumps are equipped with a pressure gauge that allows the user to adjust the pressure from high to low. The low pressure setting on the pressure gauge will eliminate brute force to your vinyl siding. Less pressure means less water used and no worries about water infiltration.

Whether you use a power washer or a soft washing system, it’s still the same thing. That’s what makes soft washing systems an expensive crafty selling gimmick and a near worthless method.

Cleaning Solutions for Vinyl Siding

Power washer pumps are also equipped with a Detergent Ejection System. This system is specifically designed to allow the cleaning solutions to be passed through the pumps water stream. This process dilutes the cleaning solution to the correct mixture of water. It does the same thing as multiple expensive solution tanks. That’s what makes soft washing systems a selling gimmick.

The only way to properly clean vinyl siding is to scrub the vinyl using mild detergents, special cleaners and a good soft bristle brush; usually the same type of brushes that are used at the car wash. These type brushes won’t scratch the paint on your car, they won’t scratch your vinyl siding either. In todays society too many contractors try to fool the public with selling gimmicks that either do not work or sound too good to be true.

Aluminum Gutters

One of the most overlooked areas on the exterior of a home that should be cleaned regularly is the aluminum gutter. Unsightly black streaking is a fairly common problem on these types of gutters. If you’ve ever tried to remove these black streaks yourself, you probably know how difficult this job can be. We can successfully clean gutter streaks by using specially formulated cleaning
solutions that will allow us to safely remove these streaks with little or no agitation.