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Why Choose Us?

J.K. Schwartz, Inc. thrives on leadership. Being in business for 30 years has taught us what it takes to be a leader in our industry. We focus our attention on what the customer needs, what they expect and what it will take to achieve superior results.

In today’s market place, contractors continue to make false claims from SPECIAL WASHING SYSTEMS to NEAR WORTLESS METHODS. You will never get false claims from us. We do not wash everything and anything like most of our competitors. We concentrate our efforts on exterior homes, deck restoration as well as fence restoration and concrete cleaning/sealing. We are the only company in Western New York with 30 years experience.

One way we stay ahead of our competitors is through innovation management. Because of continuously changing technology, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our methods, products, service and equipment. This is essential for quality work and superior results.

Over 30 Years in Deck Restoration

Throughout our 30 years in business, we have seen many changes in the products used for back yard decks and fences. The industry has undergone a transformation in recent decades.

The first big change was the phase-out of lead pigments. The industry has moved away from oil-based solvents; today, the vast majority of all deck and fence coatings are water based. Although water based stains are good, you must sand the decks with 60 grit sandpaper before any stain application. This allows the stain to penetrate deep into the pores of the wood allowing for a much longer life and less peeling.

J.K. Schwartz, Inc. is the only company in Western New York that will sand your deck as part of surface preparation. If this step is skipped, peeling and chipping will occur within the first year.

Exterior Power Washing

Our power washing service is unique to all other companies. We don’t just power wash vinyl siding, rather we scrub the siding with soft bristle brushes and LOW PRESSURE using mildew-cides, algae-cides and detergents. This means the entire house including doors, eves and gutters. This is the only way to properly clean a house. You must incorporate scrubbing or the house will not come out totally clean.

Our competitors will just spot scrub your siding. Scrubbing the whole house is a must. Don’t be fooled by soft washing systems, these are selling gimmicks.

Concrete Power Washing

When power washing concrete either driveways or patios, we don’t use power washing wands like our competitors. We use surface cleaners that don’t leave streak marks. Power washing wand leaves unwanted streak marks. Surface cleaners will not do this; they are designed to clean concrete evenly with the same amount of water pressure. This is another reason why we stand out from all other competitors.

A+ BBB Rating

In the past 30 years J.K. Schwartz, Inc. has maintained a high level of trust and respect from thousands of satisfied customers both residential and commercial. We strive to maintain that high level of trust and respect through hard work, superior results and professionalism. Maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is our continuing goal.

We believe that customer service and quality workmanship keeps our customers coming back year after year. This is what separates us from our competitors.